Friday, October 17, 2008

Playing in the leaves

We decided to play in the leaves today. Since the babies are too young to trick or treat and it is RSV season we decided to also do pictures in their costumes. Addison was not happy at all. I got one or two smiles before the costume went on. Brock liked Addison's costume so much he kept tugging on the pedals and yanking Addison's head all around. Addison was not happy with her costume and would not move with it on.

My not so happy flower in my flower bed.
Tyler liked tackling Brock!
Look at Brock's cheeks!
"Oh no what did my mommy do to us!"


Steph said...

Too cute!!!

Jessica said...

I love the pictures, the flower costume is great! What cuties. The new blog background is cute too. I need to visit more often, I love all the pictures.

Heather said...

What great pictures! They are so adorable.