Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oaklen turns 10!

Today we celebrated Oaklen's 10th Birthday(which is actually tomorrow). He had fun and got all kinds of cool stuff. I can't wait to play with them. Did I say I? I mean Oaklen can't wait to play with them with me. :) He got night vision goggles(these are awesome), nerf tag, microscope, telescope, planet earth projector, tech decks, books, games, movies, and cash. He was so tired this evening and very grumpy but still wanted to open everything. It took a lot of persuasion to get him into bed.

We rented a shelter at the playground for his party.
This pinata would not break. They hit on it forever! Adam had to poke a hole in the bottom and it finally broke after about 10 more hits.
Thank you Johnny for the books and movie.
Thank you Nonni for the projector.
Oaklen was very excited about his mouse trap game.

Oaklen's Nana came in from Texas for the party.

It was a very windy day. Glinda and I spent an hour taping and re taping all the decorations that kept breaking and flying away.
My attempt at a giant cookie. It did taste good.
Adam and Oaklen had a blast today running around the house with the nerf tag.

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Anonymous said...

tell oaklen happy birthday for all of us in kansas his grandpa johny and all his aunts and uncles love him. could u plz send me u address again thanks penny