Friday, January 30, 2009

We sent him to the porcelain god...

I'm not sure where fish go but we sent our dear William to the porcelain god this morning. We came home to find poor William at the bottom of the bowl. He gave a good fight but did not make it through the winter storm. I'm afraid he was turned into a fishcicle since we had no heat. I do not know why it did not cross my mind to pack him up and take him with us. We will be replacing William this weekend. Oaklen said he would like to name his new fish either Will or William Jr. in memory of his beloved William. Oaklen took it very well with an "Oh well we'll buy a new one"...however since I am the one who cleaned the fish bowl it makes me sad. All those times I was afraid that I would lose poor William down the sink during a cleaning all those times I had to clean out the extra food because Oaklen dropped half the bottle in the bowl. Just S-A-D sad.

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