Thursday, January 8, 2009


We went in for our Synagis shots last week. Sorry I am just getting around to this but here are the kids weights.

Tyler 19.2 lbs (he gained back 2 of the ounces he lost the month before)
Addison 20 lbs
Brock 21.11 lbs

When picking the kids up you can tell a huge difference between Tyler and Brock. Not only weight but Tyler tenses when picked up and clings like a monkey. Brock is like a sack of potato's.

I called birth to three this morning to have the kids speech tested. They will call me to schedule an appointment in the next week. They come to the house so I will not have to worry about getting everyone out of the house. I called because the kids are not saying much. Brock can not say any M's. He says booo for a cow instead of mooo and still does not say mama. Addison is choosing to use her sign language instead of talking. She pointed at the light this morning to tell me she wanted it on. I have no problem with this since I can read her but hate think she will fall behind because she has found her own method. Tyler says Maaa all day but does not actually associate it with me. So I am interested to see what they think.

Addison is very interesting to watch because she seems very bright in her own way. The boys have not started signing yet Addison does all the time. She tells me when she wants her sippy and when she is hungry by signing eat. She also knows when someone is upstairs and will go to the bottom and yell until someone answers. She seems to just pick up on things more than the boys. I told her their was snow outside today and she walked to her window to look.

Tyler is climbing everything and took a nose dive off a toy yesterday. I was concerned because afterward he snuggled me for about 30 minutes. When daddy got home he was fine. All giggles and played. He also keeps standing up in his high chair. He's smart though when I tell him to sit on his butt he gives me the I'm in trouble smile and sits. Then a few seconds later he does it again. He's testing me. He's small enough that even if I buckle him in he wiggles out fairly quick.

Brock is still a huge book worm. He loves to read books. Sucks his thumb all day now instead of just when he tired. Got a new tooth and bit his little finger with it. It's razor sharp and his finger bled for a good 10 minutes before I got it to stop. It did not help that because of tooth he was chewing on his finger and kept putting the bloody thing in his mouth.

So teeth stats are
Tyler 4 (2 top 2 bottom)
Addison 5 (3 top 2 bottom)
Brock 5 (2 top 3 bottom)

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