Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our home is without power

Last night I was awaken by the babies monitor. It had lost reception because the power was out due to the ice storm. When we woke up this morning it was pretty cold. At first we were unsure how long it would be out and since we had no lights we had flash lights. No lights scared the babies until we gave them the flash lights. I took some pictures and will try post them soon. Adam turned the grill on out back and boiled some water so I could make some oatmeal. When Adam called they said it would be midnight before we got power. So we packed the kids up and headed to my parents house. On the drive over we saw all these trees weighed down with ice. This completely blew me away because I heard nothing all night long! Adam said on his way home from work their were trees all over the roads. Later this afternoon we were told not to expect power before Sunday! So Adam and I will head over to the house tomorrow to see what we can save from our freezers and fridge and pack up a couple more days of clothes. I miss my home already!

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Teela said...

Oh my goodness. How horrible. Hopefully you'll get power sooner than expected.