Tuesday, January 6, 2009

House Pranks

Our house is not a safe zone from pranks. Someone is always trying to scare someone else. We have the underwear pranks, a shower is never safe from someone throwing over a cup of ice water, you never know when you will be woken up by a halloween mask and obviously you never know what ugly monsters are hiding in the closet. I have to admit Oaklen's reaction is priceless and he took it well.

Speaking of funny stuff. Oaklen would like me to share the time he ran into the neighbors truck. We did not teach Oaklen to ride a bike as young as we should have. He never really showed any interest in the bikes we bought. Eventually his Nana and Popo taught him on one of his trips to Texas. When he got back he needed a bigger bike. So not only was he new at riding but also switched bikes making it feel as though he was learning all over again. He was doing pretty well with it until Adam told him to ride down the road. Apparently Oaklen did not know how to stop or make a sharp turn because he ran right into the back of the truck. Luckily he had one of those old nothing can dent trucks and Oaklen made it without any dents also.

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