Thursday, May 14, 2009

The thoughts (or struggles) of a triplet momma

I realize there are times that only another mom of multiples can truly understand the thoughts and feelings of another momma of multiples.

I've been given three wonderful babies all at one time. They sleep, nap, eat and play together. They are always the "trio" the "triplets" the "babies". Everything I do is in three's. I must count to 3 20 times a day. One diaper two diaper three bite two bite three bite. It's hard sometimes to understand they are all separate. Not that I don't think of them as individuals but they are always three and everything is done in 3's.

Next weekend we were invited to go on a camping trip with another couple and their kids. Can you imagine camping with a 1o year old, a 6 year old and 4 1 year olds in a tent, but how can I go camping with someones kids and not have my own. Of course Oaklen is easy. He always goes with us. He's 10 and can handle himself at bedtime but how could I possibly have the trio and not keep all the other campers up at night. I've tackled everything presented to me, but I have to admit this is not one I am wanting to take on. So after discussing it with Adam we decided that maybe it was time for some one on one time with our precious three. The three who sleep, eat, play, bathe and do everything together. We drew names out of a hat to decide in what order they would get our undivided attention. It's sad really to think of taking one with us while leaving the other two home and at the same time so exciting to get the chance to give each all of our attention and their own special time with mommy and daddy. So the first name drawn was Tyler. The next trips for Brock and Addison have not yet been decided but we will work on them soon.

I wonder about the little things. Will Addison and Brock sleep well without Tyler in the room? Will they wonder the whole time where he is? I realize that they will not always be together as they get older. Different doctor visits, different classrooms, different friends, and eventually off to different colleges and different lives. So why is it so hard on me now to think of them spending one night apart?

For Addison and Brock we have planned a special day for them as well. They will get to spend some bonding time with their grandparents away from the house! My babies had never been away from the house without me until Adam took Tyler to the grocery store a few weeks ago. They have never been out without either of us. Never driven in a car without Adam or I driving. We thought this would be a good time to loosen the reigns for the grandparents. I'm going to put two car seats into our car so they can take them out somewhere. It will be good practice to get out of the house when they only have two and are not out numbered. Not that we don't think they could handle it but it can get challenging at times to say the least.

On a side note. I just spoke with my mom who as most know is also a mom of multiples. We discussed the challenges of always trying to keep everything fair. She said it does not get any easier (thanks mom). My sisters who are 21 are always fussing at her for buying the same thing in different colors. Yes she still does it to this day. :) It feels like a constant battle to keep everything as even as possible, but that she wished she had spent more time with each individually. Which makes me feel better about doing so. To know someone has been in your shoes and tells you to go for it. Thanks for supporting me mom!


Anonymous said...

I just want to let everyone that read these blogs that Nicole is such a wonderful mom. I watch her & the little ones and I am amazed at all she can & does for them. Not all parents would be so concerned about having one on one time or worrying about the two at home. Again I can't say enough about Nicole. She is awesome. I am so proud that she is my daughter-in-law.

Tidy Triplet Mom said...

You are a wonderful Mommy Nicole! And I am so glad to have "met" you and have someone who goes through the same things I do.

Proud parents of FOUR! said...

Aww you all just bring tears to my eyes. I am so blessed to have a wonderful support system!