Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camping Trip

Saturday night was an adult only night. We were up pretty late playing scrabble. The couple we were with(Randy and Rachel) had a pop up camper that they had borrowed so we sat in there away from the bugs. At about mid night we decided we should shut the windows. Rachel went to crawl into one side to shut them and we heard a very large boom. Then realized we were all sitting at a 90 degree angle. It took a minute for Randy to realize he needed to go stand on the other side to straighten us back out. We were laughing so hard and Randy says "Oh that's what those jacks were for". :) Yes we had tipped the whole pop up over on it's side and woke up everyone on the campground. I'm sure it was a very funny sight to see from the outside if you could get over the fact that you were woken up to a camper hitting pavement. I think we laughed for another 2 hours after that. Let's just say I woke up with very sore stomach muscles.

Saturday morning we headed out to pick Oaklen and Tyler up. We grabbed some lunch from Mcd and was impressed that Tyler ate a whole cheeseburger on his own. When we returned we headed to the pool to meet up with some of my friends (Bryson, Jessica, Nicci and all their kids)who were also staying at the campground. We had so much fun at the pool. Tyler was a real sport despite he missed his nap. He played in the baby pool fountain for about an hour and Jessica spoiled him with a capri-sun. Oaklen played in the big pool with Adam until Tyler and I went to watch them jump off the diving board. Tyler would say "Bu uh" every time Oaklen got up there. Oaklen had a great time back at the camp ground with Hunter. In fact they stayed so busy we did not hear a peep out of them. We took all the kids to the park in the evening then walked over to talk with some people Adam works with. It was a great evening. Tyler loved playing with Gavin's lawn mower and we are going to have to purchase him his own.

Addison and Brock had a good time with Mike and Toni. However Addison conned a new dress out of them. How did she do that? Let's just say Adam's new car no longer has that new car smell. They were on their way out to eat and Brea had to run to wal-mart to get Addison a new dress. Which is cute as can be. All in all the kids did just fine being separated and we all enjoyed ourselves.

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The WV Hills said...

Looks like you all had a blast!