Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My babies are 1 1/2 can you believe it?

I'm a couple of days late on this but was waiting until we got to the pedi's office for new heights and weights. Below is what's going on around here.

Tyler- 21lbs 3oz and 32 inches he has finally started to grow. As you recall last visit they were starting to worry since his growth had slowed all of a sudden. Well there are no more concerns and they boy is healthy and looks great. He's just smaller than the other two. Tyler has 10 teeth and working on his eye teeth. He can sign more than 20 words and our favorite words that he says is zippa and crackor (cracker). He remains the calmest of the bunch and many time you can find him by himself on the bean bag reading a book.

Addison- 22lbs 13oz and 32 3/4 inches She has 8 teeth and is working on her molars. Addison is ahead of her brothers cognitively. She can say and sign more words than her brothers. It is not unusual for girls to be ahead of boys in speech. She can sign just about any animal, tons of different foods as well as basics like bath, sleep, brush teeth, coat, hat, shoes,socks, car, choo choo and the list goes on. Her most recent words have been car and cracker. They all love their crackers. Addison can most likely be found hiding in her cabinet.

Brock- 23lbs 13oz and 34 1/4 inches Looks like he might be tall like his daddy. He has 10 teeth and working on his eye teeth. Brock remains behind the other two developmentally but still not out of normal range. His speech is delayed a tad and the therapist believes it to be caused by low muscle tone in his mouth. He still says B for all M words. He can sign a lot of words but most likes the food words because he uses them often. He is my biggest eater despite his texture issues with rice and noodles. Brock seems to be frustrated often and throws loud temper tantrums. If he really gets worked up it's hard not to laugh. He will run as fast as he can to the play area and throw himself on the bean bag. He's very dramatic. I think a lot of his frustration comes from lack of being able to communicate. Brock can most likely be found fighting with one of his siblings. :) Yes the boy likes whatever toy is already taken which leads to many squealing matches.

Oaklen- no he's not 1 1/2 but he's getting new teeth! Oaklen had a sore throat the other day and Adam told me I needed to take Oaklen to the dentist because he has skin growing over his back teeth. Haha of course as soon as he said this I told Adam he was growing his 12-13 year molars. Just to be safe I did count all his teeth and sure enough he's getting them a tad bit early. Hopefully that will mean he can get his braces on early and back off before high school.

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