Sunday, May 3, 2009

Converting the family room to a bedroom

Well it's obvious we are outgrowing our three bedroom home. So we are converting our family room which has never been used for anything other than storage into a 4th bedroom. When the triplets moved to their own room the master was the only room big enough to hold all three cribs. Adam and I ended up in the smallest room of the house. So we are making a new master bedroom down stairs and moving Addie into the small room. Leaving Oaklen where he is and the small boys sharing a room. Below are pictures of our weekend progress. The white flecks you are seeing is saw dust still floating in the air. I also added these pictures on backwards so top picture was the ending progress of today. This sub flooring will be our hall way and the square is a coat closet.

And had to add a picture of all the babies trying to sit on my lap and no one wanting to share me.


Jessica said...

I love the picture of all three on your lap!

Anonymous said...

You are a very lucky girl! Sam