Thursday, April 17, 2008


Addison and her big cheese

Mommys thumb sucker.

Tyler rolls over.

Today we ventured out to the doctors office for our last shot of synagist for this year. RSV season is almost over. We are very excited. Looking forward to taking more trips out to visit with friends. Brock weighed in at 15 lbs today. Tyler is 13lbs 13oz and Addie follows by 13 lbs 6oz. Can you believe Addie is catching up with Tyler? Tylers eyes are starting to turn and he's growing a little hair back. Addie has some coming back in but it's turning blonde. She may not be a red head after all. Brock who was born with the dark brown is also coming in blonde. Brock has very blue eyes. His may stay that color as I see no flecks of brown yet.

Oaklen is doing great. He brought an excellent report card home. He's been spending a lot of time outside playing since the weather is warm. He's looking forward to the summer. This is the first year that he has not really enjoyed school. Hopefully next year will be smoother for him.

We remain very busy around here working on the house. I've started to prime the kitchen and we are looking to tear off the back deck in the next few weeks. I will try to add a picture of all teh remodel sometime soon.

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