Sunday, April 6, 2008

Busy weekend!

We started out by packing up the crew for a trip to Home Depot. This was the babies first outing and even though RSV season is not over we figured Home Depot would be unpacked. We were wrong but thankfully it was full of mostly men who could care less about us parading through in the limo. Only one couple stopped us and they were very polite and did not get too close to the babies. On the first Saturday of every month they have a childrens work shop. Oaklen got to make a planter which I am adding a picture. The best part about this is Oaklen had fun and it did not cost us a dime....well kind of. I bought paint to paint my kitchen yet again. Oh and paint to do my shutters. I plan on buying more hours in a day to go along with this stuff. An outing for us pretty much is an all day event once you load them all in and then all back out. : )

Sunday we had Grandma, Grandpa, Grammy, Gramps and Breanna over to watch the babies (yes it takes a lot of people to watch four kids) while Adam and I went to the grocery store. Upon our return we were visited by Adam's Aunt Martha and Aunt Betty. It was Aunt Martha's first time to see the babies so we were excited to have her. I then mowed the front yard came inside to feed babies then mowed the back yard. We took the babies for a walk down the street then Adam and Oaklen hit some golf balls in the back yard. The babies and I sat on a blanket and watch them. That concludes our weekend. I have to run Sunday nights are the only one on one time I get with my hubby. It's movie night!

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