Monday, April 28, 2008

Cookout and fishing

Yesterday the whole family attended a birthday cookout for Adams co-worker. I caught some good pictures of Adam and Oaklen. I did have the triplets with me but was too busy taking care of them to get a lot of pictures. It was an all day event getting ready to go. I made about ten trips to the van to pack up everything I thought we would need. We ended up running late but not because of me getting all four kids out the door. It was Adam who was suppose to meet me in Winfield. He was running behind getting a tattoo. So I got stuck at Wendys for an hour in the van with four kids. Tyler had a dirty diaper and Oaklen was gagging. Oh what fun! Haha. I had to use the restroom but could not because I would have to put all the babies in their stroller and hope that the stroller would fit into the stall once I got in there. So I ended up peeing my pants....just kidding. I waited on Adam to come help me. Adam got all the kids initials put on his arm in birth order.

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