Monday, November 19, 2007

Well Adam and I got our CPR training and going home videos done. All babies passed there car seat challenge. We are knocking things off the long list of things to get done. We did some shopping for last minute things we realized we needed. I still need to get this house organized, but I have a feeling it will never be completely as organized as I want. Adam needs to get the car seats in the car. I tried to get him to take them to the fire department so they could put them in but Adam says he can do it.

I am still a little lost on when they will be home. We here different things everyday. At first we thought they would try to keep Tyler to send him home with the other two, but they are saying he is doing well and insurance wont cover him to just sit in there. We are waiting for the monitors to come in and I have monitor training tomorrow morning.

Today I plan on getting a bunch done. This will be the second day in three weeks for me not to go the hospital. It's hard not seeing them. And I feel awful about it but spending everyday up there I can't get as much done around here for them to come home. We still have baby thing that need to be assembled.

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