Friday, November 16, 2007


I appoligize that it has been a few days since an update. I have a feeling they are going to get farther apart though as we take on more. I have been travelling to the hospital everyday and making it back just in time to get Oaklen. After getting his homework done, cooking dinner trying to get caught up on my house work, and getting everything for the babies through the laundry I'm just too tired. I'm not getting to bed until after midnight then waking up every three hours to pump as well as pumping every 2-3 hours through the day. I also get up at 6 to get Oaklen to school. So to save time we will only be giving updates when we feel it is something we need to share. We ask that you please understand that we have three babies in the hospital and may not always have time to make or take a phone call.

As for the latest. Tyler is taking all his feedings by bottle and should be home next week. They are trying to get the other two to catch up with him. If Addison can get her weight up they will move her to a crib bed like her brothers have. She also has not taken a bottle. The doctors are hoping to get all of them ready to go home together the end of next week. It originally sounded like monday for Tyler but considering the other two are so close they are going to hold onto Tyler a little longer so they can come home together. If one were to go home Adam and I would have to take turns travelling to the hospital as once a baby is release he would not be able to go into the NICU with us and we would not want to bring that baby back out of the house. All three babies are still having A's and B's (Apneas and Brady's) so they will all be on monitors for months after coming home. They are on Caffiene to try and limit some of these. We will also have to have a sleep over night at the hospital to prove we will be able to handle all three babies on monitors. To be released all babies must be able to sit in their carseats for 30 minutes without having any A's or B's and we must take some saftey courses. We have a lot going on and this week I am trying to get all appoinments and last minute things tied up so I won't have to leave the house once they get home.

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