Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Homecoming Kings '07

Good news! They think Tyler may come home in a week, with Brock shortly to follow. Tyler was the first to try to feed from the bottle. He fell asleep half way through though. In his next try, he stayed awake the whole time. Since then, he took 3 of his feedings completely from the bottle in one day. Brock fell asleep 1/3 of the way through on his first try, and has since taken a whole bottle. Addison could care less. She is just happy being here. She is taking her pacifier a little, where as the boys were taking it alot just before they went to the bottle. They aren't completely off of their feeding tube just quite yet, but well on their way.
The two boys are weighing 3lb 15oz each today. At 4lbs they will let them go. They would like however to move them to a crib, so they can test if they can maintain their body temperature. There have been no issues with it so far. When we take them out to hold them, it's not like they get cold. They have been out for upwards of an hour and no change in body temp, so it is looking good for the home team!

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Heather said...

What terrific news! It sounds like everyone is right on track. I am so excited for you. :-)
MomHeather from FT