Friday, November 9, 2007

After many requests the blog is born.

Hi everyone. I've had many requests to start this blog and decided there was not enough time in the day so I better just make time. I hope this will end up being to my advantage on keeping everyone updated all at once. I would start from the begining but it would take me forever so jumping to current times. Adam and I are very proud parents of four. And everyone is wanting to keep up with what is going on with our kids. I don't blame them..they are all so good looking. : ) We have Oaklen our 9 year old and 11 day old triplets (Tyler, Addison, and Brock).

So everyone wants to know what Oaklen thinks of the triplets. He's had mixed emotions. He was very overwhelmed with the thought of taking care of three babies until I told him it was not his responsibility it was ours as parents. I think he thought he would be doing this on his own? I think this stemmed from everyone saying he was going to have to help mommy. Now he is very excited about being a big brother and is ready for his brothers and sister to come home. He is too young to go visit them in the hospital so he has been enjoying pictures and making things to hang on their houses in the nicu. We did get to sneak him in for a quick second one time for him to meet them. See the picture with him in the cute gown.

The triplets are doing great! They have spent over 60 hours off their c-paps (oxygen). Addison is still having bradys but they say she should out grow this. She may be sent home on monitors if she still has them at time of discharge. We hope to have them home by the beginning of December. I got to hold all three today for the first time. It was such a great feeling. Brock has an eye infection and they are doing a culture on it. We should know more about this tomorrow. Other than that I am happy to say it was a nice uneventful day.

Between Adam and I we will try to keep this blog as updated as possible.

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