Monday, November 12, 2007

No new pictures today. Adam and I were very busy with the babies yesterday. Tyler and Brock both attempted their first bottle yesterday and today Tyler took a whole bottle. Adam finally got to hold all three last night for the first time and I got to try to nurse Brock. Whom feel asleep on my as soon as I was in his mouth. He's my lazy one. : ) Today was my first day not to go to the hospital and it was hard, however I called once and had Adam call once and Ill call later to check again.

Today was nice. I got a lot done and Oaklen and I spent some time together. He had no school due to Veteran's Day, so we watched two movies (I folded laundry). Oaklen made cookies for daddy to take to work. And we played two board games. I think it was much needed time.

Anyhow, I will update again when there is something to update about.

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