Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy busy

I know it seems as though I have abandoned the blog but I promise I'm just super busy. I've start back to college full time and I can't seem to fit everything in. I don't know what I was thinking four kids and school oh my! I'm a bit overwhelmed for sure.

The trio have started preschool with the 3 year old class. Their teacher approached me and said they were ahead of most of the 2 year olds so they would like to bump them up. Of course they look so tiny next to the 3 year olds. Little man still weighs close to what he did at age one so you can imagine how he looks compared to the other kids.

Conversation between Addison and I today

mommy "What did you have for lunch at school"
Addison "milk and ketchup"
mommy "what else?"
Addison "hotdogs"
mommy "you had hotdogs?"
Addison "no"
mommy "okay? what else"
Addison "chicken"
mommy "you had chicken?"
Addison "no"
mommy "um anything besides milk and ketchup?"
Addison "applesauce"
mommy "milk, ketchup and applesauce"
Addison "yea"

Oh the fun of trying to decipher a 2 year old.

Oaklen is still have a few problems in school, mainly just remembering to turn in his work. I asked him last night, after and email from his teacher, if he was hording work in his locker and he told me no. His teacher checked his locker today and low and behold his missing work! Why a child would take the time to do his work and just not turn it in is beyond me, but Oaklen walks to the beat of his own drum. :) He's enjoying band but seems to not enjoy all other subjects and I truly can not blame him there. I did not and am not enjoying school myself.

Oaklen went to his first school dance a few weeks ago. I asked him if he needed me to teach him how to slow dance. He said "no that's embarassing" I asked what was more embarassing not know ing how to dance when a girl asks or dancing with mom. :) A few hours later I caught Adam teaching Oaklen how to slow dance. haha. During the dance Oaklen just hung out with his friends so no dancing was involved. It was very odd to drop Oaklen off somewhere for a few hours on a friday night. I think this was the first time for me to ever do that.

I think I'm out of time. The kids are yelling from their rooms. I'll try to work on some updated pictures.

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