Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Oaklen!

12 years ago today Oaklen was born at 9lbs 9 1/2 oz. He was a big chunk. He chose to be two weeks late to pack on a little extra weight. He was the most laid back baby rarely ever cried.
Now Oaklen is getting close to the teen years and boy do we have the attitude around here. :) He loves his little brothers and sister and on the weekends I see him get antsy during their nap time because he wants to play. He helps out a lot around the house doing chores (although not without complaining first). He's a typical 12 year old. Hates school, loves to play and draw. He likes to write stories and can fill a whole notebook within days. He's into scary stuff so he will enjoy Halloween this year and already bought a scary mask to wear. He is very much looking forward to his party on Saturday. He keeps asking me what the plan is so I tell him. An hour later he will ask again and I will tell him the same plan. Apparently asking a million times helps with the anticipation. Haha.
Happy Birthday Oaklen! We all love you very much!

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