Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictures of the little ones

The upside (or downside) to being home with mommy all day is she is snap happy and makes up dress up for photo's.
The triplets are doing great. In fact they are ahead of schedule and were invited to attend the 3 year old preschool program. Normally they would have to wait another year since they are not yet 3. They start tomorrow 3 days a week 4 hrs a day. The preschool has given us a great price after I had researched many of them trying to find something we could afford the day care they were attending is giving us a price break.
Addison is completely potty trained day and night. The boys are doing so so through the day and I still put them in diapers at nap and bedtime. Not because I doubt they wont use the potty if I put one in their room but I am certain they would play in it.
Oaklen is having a tough time with 6th grade. We spent the weekend catching him up in math. Poor guy had to work on it for about 6 hours to get caught up with his class. We have had one meeting with his teachers and have another scheduled for the 14th with the district to get him set up on a 504 plan. For those of you who do not know what that is it's a contract with the school to get Oaklen extra help throughout the day when he needs it. I'll try to snap a few photos of him if I can get him to stay home long enough to do so. Although with all his homework more than likely that's what he will be doing. :)


Jessica said...

Poor Oaklen, hope things get easier for him soon.
Love the matching dresses for Addison and her baby. Where did you find them?

Proud parents of FOUR! said...

Jessica, the dresses were given to us. Not sure where they came from? I'll do some research and try to find out. :)

Megan said...

Looking cute as ever! Getting so big too!

Jay said...

When are you going to bring them in so we can see how they have grown. I would love to see them and yourself !! And this time we wont have to carry the stroller up the stairs. lol