Saturday, August 28, 2010

First day of Middle School

Oh boy....I'm old enough to have a middle schooler. :( Oaklen first day of school went fine. He said it only took him half a day to get into his locker. Haha. We mentioned many times this summer getting him a practice lock and he kept saying "it won't be hard to figure out".

We had to work on getting his schedule changed to include band in which he will be playing the drums. Oaklen said he did NOT want to join the band he wanted to draw, watch tv and play video games. After getting his equipment I think he is excited. Are you seeing a pattern here? He's at that age where nothing mom and dad say can be right until he tests it himself.

These little ones below want to be just like bubby and had to have a "pack pack" too. Luckily I found these lunch boxes that were perfect size to pass as little back packs. :)

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