Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new pet

He's borrowing in this spot because there is a heater posistion under him.

Oaklen went to the gun range with my dad and came home with a box turtle (named Tank). It was crossing the road and almost got hit. Instead of just picking him and moving him to the side of the road he found his way to my home via my 11 year old. We are a pet free home except for a beta and thought ok maybe this is something Oaklen can take care of on his own because I have enough to do. I mean it's free right? Surely they are low maintenance right? NO THEY ARE NOT! After a little research I found that there were many thing we needed for the survival of this turtle. After going to the pet store I found that there was even more needed. So this turtle has cost us a bundle but here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the turtle and his new home which somehow ended up in my room?

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