Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick update

I'm very proud to say Addison is almost completely potty trained. She has not worn a diaper in two days. She had two accident the night before and none last night. I put a potty in her room with a night light beside it and she seems to be using it.

Brock and Tyler are still having some accidents here and there if I do not remind them to go. I'm still putting them in diapers at nap and bedtime.

Addison told me the other day that her pee fell off. She said it all day long in a sad little voice "my pee pee fell off". I guess she feels she should have what her brothers have.

Tyler keeps telling us "I'm serious". I wonder how serious a 2 year old can be?

Brock gets mad at me when I laugh at him. Even if he is being silly if I start to laugh his eyes tear up and he tells me "NOT FUNNY!". :) oh the emotions of a 2 year old they change in seconds.

We made these hand puppets a few days ago. They were fairly easy and only cost us $1. Can't beat that. The kids love them! In fact they love them so much I am constantly having to glue eyes back on. :)
Tyler settled down for a nap reading a book. 10 minutes later this is how I found him. Yes he's asleep under that book and no I did not remove it. No way was I going to risk waking him!

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