Thursday, July 1, 2010

The flu

uggg, yes the flu is making it's rounds. Addie started Saturday with a 103.8 fever and continued through the weekend. Monday I took her to the clinic only to come home and find Tyler running a fever. They both seemed to get over it within 2-3 days when I woke up with it. I slept all day yesterday and called in Toni and Mike to help with the kids. When Adam woke up for work...he had it. Oh what fun this week has been! On a good note the kids are all feeling fine. Oaklen is in Florida with my parents missing all this action and the kids are at daycare today. I hope to get some new posts up soon as we have been busy and I have been snapping away with some cute pictures.

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Jessica said...

Ugh, hope you feel better soon and have lots of help until you do!