Monday, October 12, 2009

Monkey Genes....

Yes, my kids have to have monkey genes. It's the only explanation for the ornery climbing behavior. We got rid of the cribs when they started to not just climb out but climb into them. Now we are faced with what to do with the high chairs. We do not yet have a table large enough to fit six but looks like we will need it soon!

I got these videos mixed up Brock's should be first then Addie. The fun began yesterday when grandma and grandpa mysteriously found Brock sitting in his high chair. Then again today at lunch when I went to put them in their high chairs Brock was already there. So I pulled him out and had him show me how. Once Brock did it Addison decided to also so I pulled her out so I could record her too. At the end of the video with Addison Adam says "Monkey see monkey do and Tyler is a monkey too" in which Tyler says "ew aw ew aw".

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, what little monkeys! I can't believe what good climbers your kids are. Lucky you!!