Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday My Beautiful Babies!

Wow, I blinked and 2 years went by. I'm so glad I kept this blog going to be able to look back at all the wonderful memories we have made in that time. Look how far my babies have come! Hooked to every tube imaginable, from the fear everytime they stopped breathing, from coming home on monitors for months and months and now my babies are running and talking and laughing. How lucky we are that they carry no preemie issues with them into the rest of their lives. Adam and I feel so blessed to watch our children learn and grow. I wanted to share a picture from each birthday they have had so far.
Tyler my mini man born at 1:28 PM 3 lbs 10 oz 16 1/4"
Addie my princess born at 1:29 PM 3lbs 5 oz 17 1/4"

My Brocky poo born at 1:29 PM 3lbs 14oz at 17 2/3"

Tyler at his first birthday

Addie (no hair) on her first birthday

Brocky's first birthday

My toddlers at their 2nd Birthday! Wow how big they have gotten!
We celebrated their Birthday over the weekend and we all had such a great time!


Carey said...
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Steph said...

Happy Birthday!!! And congrats to mom and dad for surviving 2 years!

(sorry on that last comment I didn't realize it had me signed on as Carey)

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday!!!