Tuesday, September 29, 2009

23 months!

Wow can you believe how big my babies are getting! Just wanted to share a few things that they are doing at this age.
Calling each other by name! Yes we have an Aaaaeeee, Tyder and a Bock.
Still loving (Melmo) Elmo and maybe a little bit (Cookie) Cookie monster.
Love using their utensils to eat and oh what a mess as you can see with the ravioli!
Addie's favorite thing right now is to swing. She stands at the back door and whines "Wing wing wing" It can be raining and she is standing their begging to outside.
We remain doing our morning stroller walks around the neighborhood weather permitting. The kids are still very shy and will not talk to the neighbors. (this is my me time as I can plug in the ipod and the kids are busy watching what's going on around them)
They can copy me saying the alphabet and it's so cute to hear Addie say Q "Cue"
They count 1,2,3 which is no surprise since I have been counting it out loud since their birth.
They love to color and play with play dough.
Brock is using his please,sorry and thank you signs very often. It's hard to turn him down when he wants 3rds and 4ths at the dinner table when he says "more please". Addie is also using them just not as often. She knows how to use them but gets angry when we ask her to. Tyler says "Gank goo".
Addison is copying me and making me very aware of my actions. I never realized how much I stand with my hands on my hips until she started doing it every time I was.
Toddler beds are well... don't switch to toddler beds EVER. Keep your kids in their cribs until they leave the house. Haha. So since switching other than the normal not wanting to stay in bed(keep in mind we removed everything possible from their rooms to try and keep them in bed and not out playing). I have caught my kids pulling the vents off the air ducts and putting anything they can down them including blankets. I have caught them pulling screws out of their beds,they have gotten ahold of the carpet and made runners in it, they have removed the door stopper, the wheels under their beds, and all the clothes from their drawers. I had to remove the door off the hinges because they were slamming it shut. And the big scare last week. Addison missing from her bed. It took me a few seconds of panic before I saw a small foot sticking out from under Brock's bed. She was sleeping under there. She refuses to go to sleep in her bed and put herself to sleep on the floor with her pillow, blanket, bear and blankie. Every night I go up while she is sleeping and replace her back to bed.

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