Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We had a great Easter!

The kids got a new swing set and Grandpa Mike came up to help us get it together. Took us about 6 hours.

Addison checking out the little goodies.

Oaklen would not get in the picture with the bunny. I asked the bunny if she thought she could handle all three and in a very meek voice she said "I'll try". :)

Tyler found a toy.

This is my attempt of getting a picture of Oaklen doing the egg hunt. Where is he? I have no clue!

Daddy and Tyler.

This is Adam's friend Bill and his daughter helping Addison. Addison was so good at the hunt we had to put some of her eggs back because they had a limit of ten. Our first attempt to hunt eggs with only two of us was a bit stressful so we brought in reinforcements this time.

Mommy and Brock. If he had an egg in each hand he was good. He did not want to put them in a bucket!

The field before the Toyota hunt.

I hope to get a picture of Oaklen on the new swingset soon, but the weather has been nasty and I have been super busy. We are packing up to take a surprise trip this weekend. Nana Doe and granny will be coming in to watch the trio. Will have pictures when we return.


Tracy said...

Sweet swingset!!

FrenznickFive said...

I love that swingset! and the egg hunt pics are adorable, looks like they had a great time!

Megan said...

Looks like they had fun! Love the new background!!! Have fun on your surprise trip!