Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Staying busy!

We played at the park today!
Oaklen and Jessica made me a flower garden.
Gramps with Addison at Terry's retirement party.
Granny and the boys. Granny was in helping after my surgery. Look closely and you can see Tylers curls on top his head.

Addison always backing herself into a corner...or couch. She keeps getting stuck this way.
Addison in her bikini from Aunt Donna. Addison however is the only one who screams in the pool. She does not like it at all! I even spent the morning boiling water to make sure the pool was warm.

Aunt Jessica at the park with Brock.

Mommy at the park with Monster Man.
The trio turned 9 months yesterday. Seems I am always a day behind. The tally is:
2 crawling-Tyler and Addison
1 pulling up on things- Tyler
1 tooth-Addison
Brocks a little behind but will be crawling anyday now.
Oh and I got Adam to the dentist. We all 6 were at the dentist by 8am this morning. Fun Fun. The whole house is cavity free.

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