Monday, July 7, 2008

Cincinnati Zoo

We packed up the clan and headed out for a 3 1/2 hr drive to the Cincinnati zoo. We had a blast. Along with us we brought Oaklens Nana. We met up with my aunt Debbie at the zoo. We had great weather and the babies were on their best behavior minus the drive home. Oaklen had fun and go to see the king cobra he wanted to see. The zoo was not very user friendly on directions so we got lucky we found it.

Oaklen drinking I think a sno cone? Picture by my aunt Debbie.

monster man Picture by Aunt Debbie

Addie picture by Aunt Debbie

Lion sticking his tongue out. Picture by Aunt Debbie

Miss Addison

Daddy being a show off.

Brocky poo napping

This elephant made a very loud squeal and made the babies cry. I had to walk away with them.

Brock decided to share teething ring with the giraffe and threw it over into their cage.

This is a baby peacock.

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