Friday, July 18, 2008


No Pictures today. As most of you know I had surgery last Thursday. I'm pretty tired, but have had lots of help in. I really am doing great considering. I had my stomach muscles repaired in hopes to help my back pain. The plastic surgeon said when he got in there I was in a lot worse shape than he had imagined. Instead of having a 3 hours surgery it last around 5 1/2. A normal muscles repair goes down the center I had to be stiched from all sides in and down the center. The doctor said he has only seen muscles in such bad shape once or twice in his 10 years of practice. Let me tell you the recoery was no walk in the park however my back has been feeling much better. I was very blessed to have Grandma and Noni in for the first few nights and then help for almost a whole week from Granny and Adam. Next week I am expecting Nana Doe in and hopefully from that then on out I will be able to lift the babies again. I will try to update on the kiddos when I'm on a little less meds as I seem to be pretty loopy and tired.

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