Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We like to eat toes not cheerios!

I'm starting to get emails demanding I make a new post. So here it is. I'm going to make it short since it has taken me four hours to get these videos on here. For some reason it is very slow to upload videos.

Oaklen is having a blast in Texas! He's being spoiled rotten. The last time I spoke with him he was out shopping.

Tyler is starting to sit up a little here and there with little support.

Addison is bossy and screams at the boys. She also is a giggle box. All you have to do is look at her and she starts giggling.

We have to watch out for Brock he hauls butt in his walker. He likes to run over toes and knock stuff down from everywhere.

All three are up on their knees and rocking. No teeth have popped through yet but I can see them. They are getting a lot more active and need my constant attention. Tyler wants to be played with at all times or he whines.....alot. Addison still keeps herself entertained well and Brock is fine if he is in his walker or eating frozen bananas.

I had a yard sale last weekend and am spending the week trying to get the house back in order. I have finally got our family room cleared out and moved what was left from the yard sale into the storage building. We also went to Toyota company picnic and attended a wedding so we have been extremely busy. This week I also plan to get my front porch stained if I can find a day that is rain free.

I am ordering the babies new car seats as they are giants in the three we have now. I plan on buying some that will be good until they are 65 lbs so I should never need to replace them. I will however be losing the luxury of pulling them out in their carrier. I will now be doing a lot more snapping and unsnapping.

Sorry again that is has taken so long to get a post out. Summer months keep us very busy since we will be in lock down again in the winter.

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Heather said...

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