Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lots of great pictures of Brock today.

Tyty's pouty face

Happy little swimmers

Unhappy little swimmers. Tyler and Addison crying because Brock is.

Remove Brock and Tyler and Addison have fun.

Hanging in the pool.

We spent the evening at my parents house it was very nice. Dad cooked out and we played in the yard. This is the babies first time in the pool and for Brock it was very short lived. In all they may have spent 10 minutes in their little swimmers diapers, but don't they look cute in them?
We really had a great day. We started off with an 8am walk around the neighborhood. We switched to a new schedule that dropped their third nap. I am having muscle repair in two weeks and I want to have them ready for all the help coming in. They are doing fairly well adjusting. Addison woke up around 3 am to play with her feet and coo (scream squeal). However they are not as cranky as last schedule change. We also took out a bottle feeding so they are now getting more ounces in the remaining feedings. We are also working on sippy cups. So that about concludes our wonderful day.

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