Monday, June 30, 2008

8 Months ...2 days ago

I meant to get around to this the other day but we have had a lot of company in and out.

Tyler is about 16.4 lbs. He is crawling. The first and the only so far. He thinks he's hot stuff and will not stay still. He bounces off the walls. His new nickname is Monster Man.

Addison is 16.2 lbs. She sits up on her own for very long periods at a time. She also has perfect posture.

Brock is around 17.4 lbs. He is mommys snuggle bug. He runs circles around everyone else in his walker. He loes to follow mommy to the kitchen.


Heather said...

Nikki, they are doing so great. I love seeing all your cute pictures and hearing their milestones. (Those foot rattles you asked about were a gift, but the brand is Infantino.)

Heather said...

Great photos! Thanks so much for the heads up on that Sudoku freebie I posted this morning. I finally figured out that the $10 Google Checkout offer for new users that had been around forever just expired on June 30. Thanks for the comment - I need all the help I can get from great readers (& bloggers) like you!