Saturday, March 29, 2008

The babies are 5 months today!

Wow can you believe how fast time flies. It seems like yesterday they were just born. Of course they are still little things but I'd say Brock AKA chunky monkey is pushing 15 or more lbs. Addison looks so small next to him however it probably not fair to compare the two as Addison is a complete different build than her brothers. Addison AKA little bean is just a petite girly girl.

Today Addison and I did our nails. She has pink toes. They match her bright pink shirt. I'd take a picture but would you believe it....I lost my camera charger. I am not meant to be a camera owner with all the problem I seem to have with them. I did order a new one off ebay. It should be here any day and I will post some new pictures. I think I need a backup camera.

Tyler is doing great..did I tell you the doctor told us last month that he had the neck control of a 6 month old. He loves to sit up in his bumbo. He has gotten a habit of rubbing his forehead when he is tired and causing a rash. He has learned he has hands and loves to hold them together in front of him or put them in his mouth. Tyler is very much a mommas boy. He wants me to hold him the entire time he is awake. Tyler also loves to stand up. I'm working on him holding onto items to stand without my help.

Brock does not yet roll over tummy to back like the other two. He does attempt to roll over back to tummy and I think will be able to in the few weeks. Brock is very loud. He has a booming voice and cry. Brock looks like Oaklen when he was little. Brock has lost all the hair on his head. It's coming back lighter than his original color at birth however he has long dark eye lashes. (I'm jealous) Brock stands also but not as stable as Tyler. He wobbles like he's dancing. Brock likes to lay in the pack and play and play with his new Easter toys (thanks grandma and grandpa).

Addison also has great neck control. She is the easiest of the three. She seems to entertain herself for longer periods of times. She likes to sit back and absorb it all in. Addison haha she squirms a lot through the night. The other morning Adam came in and Addison had both of her legs hanging out the side of her crib.

Speaking of Adam. Yesterday Adam woke me up and said he loved me. Yes this is odd so I'm a little confused on why he is waking me up. Then I smell it. It was awful. He had turned on the wrong burner on the stove and caught a towel on fire. It smelled all day long. He said the entire downstairs had smoke floating on the ceiling.

Oaklen has been home all week for spring break. He has been very bored. I do not have as much time as I use to. So he has had to try to find things to do on his own. He did however beat me at dominoes the other night. He has also been a lot of help holding his brothers and sister. He went oto billy bobs with Noni and spent a night at her house. I hear he beat Noni at a game of monopoly fair and sqaure.

We have a new schedule in the house which seems to be working pretty well with the babies. People never know when to call or come over to see them so it is below.

7am Bottle
8:30 nap time
10 solids and bottle
12 nap time
2 solids and bottle
3:30 nap time
5 solids and bottle
6:30 bath time
7 bed time
8 pm dream feed (bottle)

Well I suppose that is all for now. I'll add some pictures as soon as my charger comes in.

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