Monday, March 17, 2008

Update on us

Adam and I enjoyed a weekend away. We rented a farm house up near winterplace. Adams friend John was also with us. They went skiing while I stayed behind at the house for some peace and quiet. It was an awesome place. Beautiful pond out front and river ran along the property. The first night I dreamt I was up changing diapers all night long, however the second night I got at least a full 8 hours! Oaklen had fun here at the house playing board games with everyone who came in to watch the kiddos (Mom, Jessica, Doreen, Granny and Uncle Chase). Thank you so much for letting me get a weekend away with Adam. We really enjoyed ourselves.

The babies got four shots today. They are a bit fussy. Tyler is weighing in at 12lbs 10oz, Brock 13lbs 8oz, and Addison 11lbs 13oz. We were told to go ahead and start solids three times a day. I thought it would be months and months before I had to start this, but she told me to start fruits and veggies in no particular order. We are starting this week yellow squash and then carrots. I had not even started solid cereal just in their bottles here and there. I don't know if I am ready for this!

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