Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Doctor visit

Wow what a task! Nana Doe came into town to help me get the kiddos to the doctor. It takes me forever to get the all buckled into their car seats then into the car we have to start 30 to 45 minutes early to get on the road in time. Hoping that one does not spit up and the whole process starts over. These car seats weigh 20lbs without the babies in them!
We went today to get their synagist shots. These are shots they get every month to avoid RSV. It does not completely keep them from getting it but helps keep them from getting it bad enough to be in the hospital. These shots are costing us 300 a month so they better work! Tyler weighed 6lbs6ounces, Brock 6lbs5ounces and Addison is 5lbs. She's mommys little runt. She has done great since coming home she is averaging about an ounce a day. Brock is mommys chunky monkey and Tyler is still mommys fussy butt.

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