Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I apologize for the lack of posts. We have been under a lot of stress and have not had the best Internet connection. Hopefully soon we will be moved into our new house and things will get back to normal and I can back track. As of right now my connection is slow and it takes a lifetime to upload pictures. Oaklen is having a great year at school and is handling all the shifts in living space like a pro. He's excited to get into the new house and starting his new school. He had a great 13th birthday! The little ones just had their 4th birthday and I will try to get pictures uploaded soon from both parties. The little ones are not taking the moves very well but I have hope to get them back on track in the new house. Temper tantrums are bad right now but to be expected since we have 5 sharing one bedroom. It must be tough being a triplet and spending every minute together. School is going well for me and I just finished up by first marathon with the cutest cheerleaders at the end. Adam has been running half marathons since he's having some knee issues. It seems to be what has kept up half way sane with the building process. That's all for today just wanted to get a bried "we are still alive" post!

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