Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lets see if I can catch up here....

Oaklen being the best big brother! He is having a wonderful Summer and get this.....he even volunteered to help me clean the kitchen the other day. I thought surely I was dreaming!

The triplets playing with bubbles.

They are doing great and really enjoying the summer. They are growing up so fast. A few words they still say wrong are...buttwhoops (belt loops), coshquash (washcloth), pokanuts (polka dots), beetar (guitar). We refuse to correct them on these words because it's just too darn cute. We know soon enough these baby words will be gone and we enjoy the little smile it puts on our faces to hear them!

We had a long ride home yesterday from point pleasant and the boys were singing very loudly "Dina won't you blow, Dina won't you blow, Dina won't you blow your hoooorrrrnnn". Addison in hysterical tears says "I just want some quiet!" that's usually my daily thought but on this day Adam said "Addison just put your fingers in your ears" Addison replied with "ewwww that would make my fingers sticky."

Brock is having many temper tantrums at this age, but just as quick as it starts it ends and he apologizes. Addison is bossy and with Brock's short temper almost all fights are between the two.

Addison entertains herself very well she loves to color! She can write her name and many other letters. She will spend hours at time at the dining room table.

Tyler is at a very sweet stage. He's a very quiet child and will sit and snuggle long periods of time on the couch. No fights between him and the others unless the others really provoke him. He rather just ignore them and go about his day.

Of course we always have some type of craft keeping us busy.

We do a lot of play dough here. Its came down to using new play dough every time because they just demolish and blend all the colors. Good thing its cheap to replace. I wish I had gotten an after picture maybe next time.

We have hit some glitches with the house. All delays on the contractors side. It took a month to get a plumber....I'm not sure why but frustration is a main feeling around here with the builders. Looks like mid September it will be ready. (living room above)



One of the kids rooms the other 3 look about the same picture wise so I just added one.

Kitchen/dining room

Front of house


Forty Pound Sack said...

So exciting to be building your new home. You have a lovely family ~

Toyin O. said...

Your kids are adorable.