Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where are we?

We are very busy. I know that is always my answer but just when I think we can not take on anymore more comes along. I think possibly Adam and I strive on change and constant movement. I wonder one day what it would be like to settle down. Is there such a thing? Adam and I took a small vacation a few months ago and the plan was to lay around and watch movies all day in bed. I made it through one movie and decided I had to get up and get into town. I get bored so quickly maybe that is why we are always so busy.

In November Adam and I placed an offer on a new house. Two months later we got an offer on ours and accepted it. The same day the house we were buying got a back up offer which they accepted. So after spending the day contacting lawyers and the broker to find the loop hole so we could keep the house I finally found it. It was do everything we had listed in the contingency within 72 hours. It was doable, but I decided a house was not worth fighting over. How silly to fight over a house. So we walked away. We now have four weeks to be out of our house and no house to move into. We are most likely going to build and find a rental house hopefully very soon.

Oaklen is still having a few problems in school, but very much enjoying church on Wednesday nights. I think it's what he looks forward to all week getting out of the house away from 3 year olds who sneak into his room and eat all his candy and away from his parents. It's his time to be with his friends. I really wish for him though that school would start to be more enjoyable. We have had a long talk about trying to look for the positives in the situations that seem to drag him down. I am hoping that the whole family including myself can take this advice as we are under so much stress.

The trio are sadly non stop fighting over anything and everything. I wish I had enough rooms to separate them so they could all have their own space. I'm sure constantly being together is tough. They are sooo active. I no longer can get them to settle down for anything. I try all day long just to get them to watch a little tv but they move from room to room leaving a tornado of toys as they pass through. They are still attending preschool three days a week and enjoying it.

The three days of preschool a week gives me a chance to keep up with my school work. I managed a 4.0 last quarter and look to be on target for repeating the 4.0 this quarter as well. I hope to be able to find time to keep this blog more updated. I will work on some pictures in the next coming days.

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