Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brock Student of the week!

Brock is student of the week for preschool. He was very proud of his big poster and more importantly it was HIS and not something he had to share with Addison and Tyler. He got to bring in his favorite book "Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp" along with a movie which was Elmo's potty time.
Having multiples creates mixed feelings. You can look at them and see that they have what other kids do not. They will always have not only a friend but an extension of themselves. I could not imagine having that comfort with someone at such an early age and know it will extend through their life. I can tell they get tired of sharing all the time and being together yet if you take one away all they talk about is what the missing one is doing. I often think that their will come a day when I have to split them up. I wonder how will they survive in separate class rooms. Will they miss each other or enjoy being themselves. Right now in preschool they stick with each other like a little clump. I wonder if once they are split up will they constantly look to see where the others are as they do now.
Well those are my thoughts for the day. Just a quick note one the illnesses, the trio seemed to make it through with a very mild case. Adam got it really bad for about 2 days (I mean really bad) and I survived both H1N1 and strep throat together. Did you even know it was possible to have both? Ugg! Oaklen went through with nothing at all although he wished for a mild case to miss school. :) All are healthy now and looking forward to the move!

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