Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's been up with us?

Well I'll start with the disaster the kids made the other day, because it really was a moment burned into my memory. Adam asked afterwards why we did not take pictures but it was not anything I wanted to have to see again!
I had put the kids down for nap and it did not sound like they had slept much. Oaklen went up to check on them. I hear Oaklen from the top of the stairs stuttering around "Uh mom uh come here uh it's Tyler." Okay...... "Poop mom". Uhhhh???? "it's everywhere". Yay! What a fun day. Not only was it Tyler but it was all three of them and not one diaper but two. I had never seen so much poop in my life. We will start with Brock because he was fairly clean just on his hands. Addison had it on her hands and feet (she must have been doing a happy dance in it) and had tracked it all over the bedroom floor. It was caked in so bad I had to steam clean it a good 45 minutes and it still smelled for days. So onto Tyler who was sitting in his bed with it caked all over him. He must have been finger painting. All three kids needed to get baths (twice). I had to wipe down all the walls, doors, beds, all linens, and floor.
Tyler is getting so smart and absorbing everything like a sponge. He was refusing to do as I asked the other day so I swatted his butt. He looked right at me and said "Ouch be nice".

Addison has started to talk a lot! Even though we can only make out 3 or 4 words in her long jabbering. She will look right at you and say 4-5 sentences and she looks like she knows what she is saying. On the way home from moms the other night she talked a good 10 minutes.

Brock is still Mommy's snuggler. Let him watch 101 Dalmations in mommy's lap and he's got his thumb and I bet he would do it all day. He's on an independent streak and if you don't let him do it himself he throws major melt downs.

Oaklen is having problems this year in school. We have talked to his teachers and hope that we can get it straightened out. Oaklen has not been turning in his work despite the fact that he has done it!

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Jessica said...

Ugh, that story makes me gag, I can't even imagine!! I really hope we never experience anything like it over here.
Hope things get better for Oaklen soon.