Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Billy Bob's with Sam and Tracy

I took the trio to Billy Bob's again with their birthday money. They had a great time playing with their friend Sam. Tyler kept going up to Sam and pointing at himself and saying "Tyder". He's very into names right now and wanted to make sure over and over that Sam knew it.
This is Sam in the Helicopter. He's also a blondie and blue eyed so he fit right in with my three. Haha

Brock enjoyed the fire truck as long as it was not turned on.
Sam and Tyler in the bus. I love this picture they were so sweet together.
Addie checking out the prizes. All the kids got a sheet of stickers. Even though we did not have enough tickets the girl was very nice and made sure they each had their own.

We topped off the day with Pizza. It was nice sitting down with Sam and his mommy Tracy. All the kids enjoyed watching the show but by this point my camera battery had died. Tracy got some more photos so you can check her blog at http://sharpmoments.blogspot.com/2009/11/billy-bobs-chuck-e-cheese-wv-style.html#comment-form
Thanks for inviting us Tracy, I look forward to doing it again!

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Tracy said...

We had so much fun!! Thanks for coming with us! Sam and Tyler look like they are really going somewhere in that photo! lol