Friday, July 3, 2009

We have pee pee in the potty!

That is miss Addison's tinkle tinkle. She went within 30 seconds on the very first try! I'm so proud! Potty time was very comical as she kept signing potty and frog. Then while sitting she would bend at the waist all the way down to kiss the frogs eyes. I'm only working on her at this moment. I will start on the boys in a few weeks.

I missed the 20 month post. So THE BABIES ARE 20 MONTHS!

You've heard me say it a million times but time is just going by too fast! I'd say the kids sign over 50 words. They must say over 20 words. I'll try to list them but it is soo many! They say momo(lawn mower),banana,cracker,cookie,cereal, apple, knock knock, car, mama, dada, popo, papa, papaw, nana, nono(noni), Brea, Donna, bu (bubby), blue, purple, kitty cat, up, down, off, ba (bath), fish, shoes and many more.

We went to grocery store this morning. Addison was signing everything she saw. She saw shoes she signed shoes. She did the same for milk and ball. She saw tires in the car department and signed car. Addison is my little cleaner. She likes to get a wash clothe out of the kitchen drawer and wipe down the high chairs and the appliances. If she sees water on the floor from a leaky sippy she cleans it up. She is doing wonderful with puzzles.

Tyler is finally standing up for himself and I'd almost say he's start to rule things around here. If he wants something he's pretty adamant about following you to get it. Poor Brock he might be bigger but Tyler is persistent. We have a lot of squealing matches going on right now. Tyler is getting stuck on S's. So if he tries to say baseball he says sssssssssball.

Brock is doing wonderful with names! If he wants someone he just calls for you. Brock's speech has just taken off lately. He has a lot to say at all times. He is still throwing many temper tantrums a day and we are just doing out best to ignore them. Most of the time they end with him getting mad enough to slam his head on the floor. Then he cries because he's hurt himself.

Oaklen is having a blast in Texas. He's done many fun things such as swimming, biking, and movies. He told me today that he was getting home sick already. He still has 2 1/2 weeks to go but I'm sure his Nana and Popo will keep him busy and it will fly by. The babies love to talk to him on speaker phone and are starting to hi on he phone instead of just giggling.

We hope you continue to have fun Oaklen!


Tidy Triplet Mom said...

Way to go Addison! Nicole, I love your new header. So cute! Your babies are precious!

Megan said...

Wow, 20 months and potty training! I can't wait!