Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brock's one on one

Brock wore out after camping.
There was an Elvis sighting at the camp ground.
On the paddle boat.

The view from where we were fishing.

Adam and our new camper.
Me out fishing Adam...haha no neither or caught anything. I guess I did get more green moss on my line than he did.

The shirt we bought for Brock.

I know you all have been waiting a long time for an update. Adam and I have been beyond busy with his week off. We went to Tennessee for a wedding two weekends ago and were home for only 3 days before leaving on a camping trip.
Oaklen has made it safely home and his Nana is in for a week. I think Oaklen grew 3 inches while he was away. I'll try to update again soon when I am not so wore out. It seems I am always too busy to keep up.

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Jay said...

Quit playing Farmtown then. LOL