Thursday, January 17, 2008

Doctors visit (11 weeks)

We have good news and bad news. Lets start with the bad. The Pedi thinks Tyler has an inguinal hernia. This is common in preemies and normally requires surgery. We are waiting for an appoinment with the specialist. He also has a belly button hernia but this should heal on it's own.

The good news is the babies are not sick. They have had the runs now for two weeks and doctor said it's because it's time to back off on their vitamins. So yay we get to get rid of the smelly poly visol. We have really gone through the diapers in the past two weeks! I hope it clears up in the next couple of days.

They each got four shots today including their synagist. Tyler weighed 8lbs 8oz, Brock weighed 8lbs 6oz, and little miss Addison was 7lbs 6oz. I was hoping they were a little more but I guess the runs did not help. The doctor was very pleased with them.

Oh also I get to get a handi cap sticker. I was telling her how hard it would be to get the triplet stroller between cars and that I couldnt leave it behind the vehicle with babies in it while I put one up and she said that I qualified for it. I was really worried about this if I were to ever go anywhere with them on my own. It's hard enough just to fit between the vehicles with two car seats in my hands.

Wow I have a lot to say....We also are to go get the babies checked in a few weeks to see if they can come off their monitors. I have mixed feelings about this. I have come to learn to deal with them and they give me piece of mind. On the other hand it would be easier to get around. They are hard to tug around to doctor visits and are loud when they go off.

My little spitters. The babies have reflux and they spit after every meal. Well it's been getting pretty bad. Sometimes they lose half their bottles. It's gotten to the point where I just leave their bibs on them all day because they soak their outfits. Well come to find out they needed a dose increase on their reglan. I'm really looking forward to seeing a change in this department.

What's going on with Oaklen? He's doing great. He has a four day weekend and gets to go to the clay center with the neighbor on Saturday. He also is getting ready to take on more responsability around the house. He is not excited about this. He is going to learn to clean his own bathroom and start helping with the dishes. I would teach him to his laundry but he's still a little on the short side and can not reach the dials. He's doing awesome in school and we are thinking about putting him in a sport. He is wanting to do karate so we are checking into it. I don't think he is wanting to go back to baseball this year. He's just not a competitive kid. I'm thinking the karate is going to work great for him.

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