Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 Months Old!



Addison..can you see her behind her paci?

Wow! Can you believe they are three months already! Right now we are working on sleeping through the night. It's been over three months and mommy could really use a full night. Starting yesterday I put the the three on a strict schedule and it did decrease the amount of activity last night. Lets hope it sticks! So do you wonder what the babies do all day? Below is the list so far...of course we are all learning so it may change again and again.

7:45 AM Diaper and meds

8:00AM Bottle

8:30AM Nap

9:30 Am Free time

10:30AM Clothes and Diapers

11:00AM Bottle

11:30 AM Nap

1:00 PM Bath and Music Non bath days Tummy Time and Music

1:45 PM Diapers

2:00 PM Bottle

2:30 PM Nap

4:00 PM Tummy Time and Meds

4:30 PM Swing/Bouncy

4:45 PM Diapers

5:00 PM Bottle

5:30 PM Nap

6:30 PM Music and Books

7:30 PM Diapers and PJs

8:00 PM Bottle

8:30 PM Nap

10:00 PM Snuggle

11:00 PM Bottle

11:30 PM Sleep...hopefully until at least 6:30 am

Of course their is always another dirty diaper thrown into the mix or a fussy one who just wont nap, or someone spits all over their clothes and needs changed, or spits all over mommy and I need to change...But we are going to stick to the schedule as closely as possible.

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