Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camping leads to new computer!

If you have been wondering about us we have been having a great time but no way to update because my brand new laptop got drenched in water after this camping trip. No a kid did not dunk it....it was the cooler which leaked all over it. Since I take online classes I had to go and buy a new one. Anyhow this was our last camping trip. All the kids had a blast. Oaklen absolutely loved the freedom of being able to ride his bike all around the camp ground! The little ones enjoyed fishing and a few long walks.

Brock caught the first fish. I'm sorry about picture quality I've been lazy lately and just catching pictures on my phone instead of my canon.

Tyler caught what looks to be bait? :)

Oaklen caught bait too. :)

We ran into a lot of rain on this trip. We only got to play in the sand for about 5 minutes before we were running to the car!

Addison did not catch a fish right away but she was determined. She sat out there with her daddy way past the time the boys had came in! It was not until the next day that she caught one!

Addison loves her bubby!

Other news:
Oaklen is in Texas for a few weeks visiting his grand parents. He's not kept in touch with me other than a quick goodnight. :( They must be keeping him busy!

The house is moving a long but a lack of plumber has put us behind by 3 weeks! Please oh please let a plumber get in there this week! It looks good from the outside but no plumbing or walls inside!

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