Sunday, May 1, 2011

A MONTH ??!!

Tyler student of the week!

Wow I can not believe it's been over a month since our last post. We have been non stop moving around here. Hitting the gym five days a week. The kids love going to the YMCA they go with us two days a week while the other three they are in preschool. Since they have gotten older it's much easier to get out and about with them in tow.

Oaklen is doing awesome in school! We are so relieved to have finally gotten the school system to change things up for him. It's been an all year struggle to finally get him switched into a smaller class room. Since he is ADD the large 3o something class he was in had him just drowning. It's such a shame that it took them all year doing paper work and meetings and documenting before they would finally help him but we are proud to say his progress report (with the exception of gym) had all 90's or higher!

Tyler is either having a tough time with the move or he has something going on health wise. I've taken him two different doctors for frequent urination but both times urinalysis and culture come back normal. They think possibly it's the stress of the move. He literally can go to the bathroom every five minutes and has been having accident when he once was completely potty trained.

Brock is also having an issue. It looks as though his hair is thinning. This I suppose may also be from the move although they both act and seem happy as can be. Brock is a thumb sucking hair twirler so the stress maybe causing more of this. I am wondering if the next move will be easier. I never though this would effect them so much!

Addison is a bossy little girl! She definitely is running these boys (including Oaklen). :) She tells you how it is and how you need to do it. She loves to draw and will sit down for hours at the table. She is a perfectionist. Love to help mommy fold wash cloths and towels. She is very bright for her age.

Adam spent last week and this coming week on day shift! It's been so nice to have him around in the evenings. We recently completed a 5K and Adam finished 8th in his age group with a time of 26:53! We have signed up for 3 more this month. We may have a little bit of an obsessive personality. :)

I finished the 5K in 31:28 ( I have shorter legs than Adam) Haha no honestly I am very proud to have ran the whole thing without walking and not once using my inhaler! My goal was to condition myself and my asthmatic lungs! I've also been studying non stop for school still carrying my untarnished 4.0. I've had a very tough quarter and have decided to take next a small break over the summer. I can not wait!

We are ready to be out of this rental! So far our land has a flat spot where the house will go and and a drive way. The non stop rain is putting us behind schedule. They need a few dry days to get the basement dug and poured. Maybe by next weekend **fingers crossed**

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